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Here are some more Jan-Shar Poms, Owned & Loved as Pets

caseya.jpg (16699 bytes)
Linda Dickson and Casey, Arizona

CaseyCodya.jpg (12993 bytes)
Casey & Kody
Owned by Linda Dickerson

Jan Shars Lea's Maxy Millions
Owners:  Leanna and Steve, Florida

Princea.jpg (16478 bytes)
Owned by Catherine Ohner

Hallya.jpg (13627 bytes)
Hally owned by Lin Cullison

erosa.jpg (14522 bytes)
Patricia Celosse with her dog
Eros & 2 of the dolls she makes

SimbaVickia.jpg (19635 bytes)
Vicki & Simba, Florida

CooperFamilya.jpg (19336 bytes)
Cooper and his family the Franks

Deagana.jpg (15661 bytes)
Oned by Sandy Samoni, CA

Jasmine1a.jpg (11295 bytes)
Owner Christina  Librado

JasmineNewa.jpg (10597 bytes)
Jasmine Owned by Catherine Ramsey

Kodya.jpg (21969 bytes)
Owned by Jennifer Shearer, NY

Rustya.jpg (10924 bytes)

SootyChloea.jpg (15873 bytes)
Sooty and Chloe
Owned by Sue  Berthiaume

Sama.jpg (11195 bytes)
Sam Owned by Catherine Upham & Family

AbbyTeddya.jpg (20653 bytes)
Abby & Teddy
Owned by Cindy & Judy, NC

Megana.jpg (30158 bytes)
Owners: Shirley Madison & sisters

Kuttana.jpg (10151 bytes)
Ownerd by Geetha Nagarajan, VA

Teddy07a.jpg (15538 bytes)
Teddy owned by Surelle and Sandy Kessler  New Port Beach Ca.

TalenaJusticeSnookumsa.jpg (25019 bytes)
Talena Justice & Snookums

NickyNYa.jpg (12329 bytes)
Owned by Gail Marcus, NY

AbbeyTeddya.jpg (13065 bytes)
Abbey & Teddy
Owned by Judy & Cindy, NC

Simbaa.jpg (14446 bytes)
Owned by Pam & Steve Runner, CA

SamanthaThomasPuppy.jpg (14054 bytes)
Samanatha Thomas & her new
Jan-Shar Puppy

EsteeLauderBBa.jpg (14248 bytes)
Jan-Shars Estee Lauder
Owned by Chrystal, WV

Kuttana.jpg (10622 bytes)
Owned by Geetha Nagarajan

ShalaundaJusticeTTa.jpg (21645 bytes)
Shalaunda Justice & TT

RoxieGrowna.jpg (11418 bytes)
Owned by the Hansom family

TYa.jpg (14966 bytes)
Owned by Debra Tharp, W.V.

Tessiea.jpg (18974 bytes)

Catherinea.jpg (14460 bytes)
Owned by Clark & Catherine Ohner

Rosya.jpg (11262 bytes)
Owned by:  Missy  Hoon

Princes2yrsa.jpg (16659 bytes)
Princess and her two friends,
Taylor & Cody

RileyJacka.jpg (13481 bytes)
"Riley Jack"
Owned by Tracy Boyle, GA

Chicoa.jpg (20489 bytes)
Chico & his Family
Owned by the Riedinger  Family

Fizz.jpg (20526 bytes)
Owned by Karen Chapman of CA

CHESTERa.jpg (20334 bytes)
Owned by Julia Riggle,  Maryland

pets1a.jpg (15240 bytes)
Scarlett, owned by Lala Grindle of Maine

JenniferJeffa.jpg (16678 bytes)
Jeff, Jennifer, Cricket & Pilot

TatooWaldoa.jpg (14745 bytes)
"Tatoo" & "Waldo"
Owned by Kathy Tanguay, MA

ivya.jpg (16056 bytes)
Ivy -- Halloween

shawneea.jpg (17459 bytes)
Owned by The Lunds, Colorado

Scrappy1a.jpg (18399 bytes)  Scrappy3a.jpg (15769 bytes)
Scrappy & His new Family the Stewarts

petsa.jpg (13158 bytes)
Cookie and P.Y. & Pauline Liu of Washington

032801pet_lga.jpg (21997 bytes)
Shawnee, 10 months old
Ray and Brett L. from Northglenn, CO

scootera.jpg (13177 bytes)
Scooter & Friend
Owned by Sue Priestley, Scituate MA

LITTLELADYIVa.jpg (16768 bytes) MILLEYGIESE.jpg (16410 bytes) LITTLELADYIV-1a.jpg (14837 bytes)
Milley & John Giese are the proud owners of Little Lady IV

victora.jpg (12883 bytes)
owned by Laura Zimmerman

Cookiea.jpg (21587 bytes)
owned by Savoy Lou,  BC Canada

BinkyPeanuta.jpg (9655 bytes)
Peanut, owned by Missy and JR  Hoon of WV

WaldoNTatooa.jpg (21398 bytes)
Waldo  and Tatoo  the pom
Owned by  Kathy Tanguay, Mass

NatalieEllisa.jpg (10075 bytes)
Owned by Natalie Ellis, San Fransico

KenjiTaza.jpg (12798 bytes)
Kenji & Taz
Owned by: Ebony Mays

Bayleea.jpg (12617 bytes)
Baylee and Balou

nippera.jpg (15060 bytes)
Nipper & Friend

TannerProctera.jpg (13533 bytes)
Tanner Proctor
Owned by Barbara Paroctor, Jackson MS

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