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Here are some more Jan-Shar Poms, Owned & Loved as Pets

KingOfCowboysa.jpg (15761 bytes)
Jan-Shars King of the Cowboys, "Roy"
Inter Beauty CH, CACIB-16, Multy CH (Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Romania, Lithuania), Central Europe Cup Winner, Baltic Winner, Super BIS (Hungary-Romania), Europe CH-2004, BOB-14, BOG-13, BIS I-9, CH of Champions-Budapest, Show of Chs-2002 & Grand CH. Owned by:
Svetlana Shevchenko: UKU President, Inernational FCI Judge

RojoKristalRicka.jpg (16715 bytes)
Jan-Shars Rojo Kristal Rick
Owner: Ana Maria Lprenzo Alverrez, Spain
1 Show and received a Group 1

TomSawyera.jpg (23296 bytes)
Jan-Shars Tom Sawyer  "Tom Sawyer"
Sire: Ch. Jan-Shars Mini Me
Dam: Jan-Shars Porche
Owner: Cecile Jamet, France


JanSharsSuperModela.jpg (17615 bytes)
Jan-Shars Super Model
Going BIS Salisburgo, Austria
Owned by Napia Papa, Italy

SweetHopeVictorya.jpg (9242 bytes)
Jan-Shars Sweet Hope Of A Victory
Owner: Anna Krivolapova, Moscow

LatChAmeliaa.jpg (16707 bytes)
Latin Am./Int'l Ch  Jan-Sharsmyprecioussparklingblackdiamondamelie
Sire: Jan-Shars Shaquille O'Neal
Dam: Jan-Shars Crown Victoria

Kinga.jpg (12571 bytes)
Jan-Shars King Of The Road
Owner: Natalya Solomatina, Russia

Lucianoa.JPG (15917 bytes)
Jan-Shars Luciano
Owner: Nelly Cellosse,
The Hague in The Netherlands

Rickia.jpg (15061 bytes)
Jan-Shars Rojo Krysyal Ricki
Owner: Ana Alverez, Spain


Ch. Jan-Shars X Rated
Owned by Chan Wai Yip, Hong Kong

5dogsa.jpg (17100 bytes)
Left to Right:
Jan-Shars Kenya
Ch. Jan-Shars Goldilocks
Jan-Shars Front And Center
Ch. Jan-Shars Just What The Dr. Ordered
Jan-Shars Making Waves

valentinea.jpg (14132 bytes)
Jan-Shars Fantasia
Jan-Shars All Eyes On Me
Jan-Shars Liz Claiborne
Owners: Jessica & David Solis, CA

RussiaLoveNHarryPotter1a.jpg (14848 bytes)
Russian Ch. Jan-Shars Harry Potter
Owned by Nina Bogdanova, Russia

Toya.jpg (10414 bytes)
Jan-Shars Toy Of Pickachu
Owned by Sabine Jorg, Zurich Switzerland

Covergirla.jpg (14564 bytes)
Jan-Shars Cover Girl
Owned by Galina Ginter of Russia

FannyLexisa.jpg (17105 bytes)
Fanny & Lexus
Owners: David & Jessica Solis, CA

DisneyAnimationa.jpg (10908 bytes)
BIS/ Philippine Grand Ch. Jan-Shars Disney Animation
Owner: William Thio, Philippines

HurricanIsabela.jpg (10867 bytes)
Jan-Shars Hurricane Isabel
Best Puppy All-Breeds at her first show in Russia
Owner: Alla Ilchenko, Novy Urengoy, Russia

waggashowjuliebordera.jpg (17279 bytes)
Australian Ch. Jan-Shars Orange Julius
Owned by Denise Leo
Dochlaggie Kennel, Australia

YtwoKbuga.jpg (13677 bytes)
Jan-Shars Y Two K Bug
Owner: Xeralane Kennels,
Mililani, Hawaii

DOWJONESa.jpg (13623 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Dow Jones
"Dow Jones"
Owner: Roy Sutikno, Indonesia

GoGirla.jpg (18715 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars You Go Girl
Sire: Tookeyes The Gold Smith
Dam: Jan-Shars Little Liza Jane
Owner: Ting Lion Tjai

cookieroyala.jpg (14464 bytes)
Jan-Shars One Tough Cookie
Owned by Denise Leo
Dochlaggie Kennel, Australia

dosidoa.jpg (16881 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Do-Si-Do
Owner: Xeralane Kennels,
Mililani, Hawaii

minibike1.jpg (11625 bytes)
Ch. Absolute's Mini Bike
1st Award of Merit at Westminster
Now owned by Kwon Duckhoe, Korea

Butterflya.JPG (15504 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Floats Like A Butterfly "Butterfly"
Owner: Tony Santos in Indonesia

rudy2a.JPG (9068 bytes)
Jan-Shars Latin Lover
Owners: Luis Esperon Filho and Angelo Oliveira of Brazil

Casha.JPG (14207 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Not For Love Or Money "Cash"
Owner: Janet Bordelone

Dotcoma.JPG (12585 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Dot Com
Co-Owner: Lance Bryson

Ebeaa.JPG (14410 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars N Owows Two Thumbs Up "Ebert"
Owner: Daniel Kwee in Indonesia

Dudleya.JPG (13967 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Dudly Doright
Owner: Jeanne Blank & Becky Sabourin

Celesta.jpg (13290 bytes)
Ch. Pnderosa N Jan-Shars Celano Eyes
Owners: Tammie Ford & Joyce Smith

Winnya.JPG (13667 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Not Just Window Dressing "Winny"
Owner: Melissa Dahlenburg

Acea.JPG (11364 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars High Roller
Owner: Daniel Kwee in Indonesia

chiefa.jpg (18191 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Chief Thunder Thud
Owner: Chan Wai Yip, Hong Kong

2Wtrophiea.jpg (12123 bytes)
Russian Ch. Jan-Shars To Russia With Love & Jan-Shar's Harry Potter
Owner: Nina Bogdanova

Tarzana.jpg (13605 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Daddy Says I'm Darling
Owner: Charles & Katy Stalnaker

ausroyal12000a.jpg (12566 bytes)
Australian Ch. B.I.S.
Jan-Shars Aussie Down Under
Multiple group winner
Owned by Denise Leo
Dochlaggie Kennel, Australia

TopToucha.jpg (14797 bytes)
Jan-Shars Kenya Top This &
Jan-Shars Can't Touch This
Owner: Tina Petrina & Rick Wells

Magiea.JPG (15395 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shar Westside Magic
Owner: Celda & Paolo Santos of the Philippines

Furbya.JPG (13507 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Furby
Owner: Lance Bryson

Ch. Jan-Shars The Tribe Has Spoken
Pictured with handler Pam Dzuik &
Judge Ms. Dorothy Nickles
Owned by Chan Wai Yip, Hong Kong

Fancya.JPG (18137 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Just Call Me Fancy
Owner: Daniel Kwee in Indonesia

GIJoea.JPG (15214 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars G I Joe
"G I Joe"
Co-Owner: Lena Nelson

Sharona.JPG (12937 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Oops A Daisy
Owner: Daniel Kwee

Mickeheadya.JPG (12023 bytes)    Mickeya.JPG (13905 bytes)
Am/Braz Ch. Em-Eye-Cee-Kay-E-Why  "Mickey"
# 1 Pomeranian Brazil 1998
Owner: Armandson Cartaxo Gomes of Grivy Kennel

Moneya.JPG (15052 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Show Me The Money
Owner: Daniel Kwee in Indonesia

Anastasiaa.JPG (13718 bytes)
Ch Jan-Shars Anastasia
Owner: Susan Murley

baileya.jpg (9859 bytes)
Jan-Shars KickN Up Her Heels "Bailey"
Owner: Kelly Trac

JOHNNYa.jpg (10982 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shar's Johnny Dangerous
Owner: Mario J. Panlilio

Jan-SharsRavena.jpg (8947 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Raven
Owner: Daniel Kwee, Indonesia

ToRussiaWLovea.jpg (20038 bytes)
BIS Russia Jan-Shars To Russia With Love
Owner: Nina Bogdanova of Moscow, Russia

DelValley-Daza.jpg (11573 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Bedazzled
Owner: Gina Bush, CA
Congratulations on finishing her Gina!

Trigger1BOBa.jpg (26038 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars And Tvilles Trigger Happy
Owner: Nancy Walker, CA

14dy05-8a.jpg (14595 bytes)
Absolute Janshar Magic Trick, CD "Tick"
Owner: Inslee Baldwin

SHADOWBOBa.jpg (15443 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Only The Shadow Knows
Owner: Ricardo Escotto of Mexico
Being shown by Jose Antonio

Rocky2a.jpg (16764 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Rock N Rye
Owner: Marge Conway

Sophiea.JPG (11440 bytes)
Jan-Shars Sophie
#2 Pom in Brazil in 1998
Owner: Armandson Cartaxo Gomes
 of Grivy Kennel

Loverboya.JPG (13169 bytes)
AKC SKC INT'L Ch. Jan-Shars Lover Boy
Owner: Lena Nelson

Candya.JPG (12705 bytes)
Jan-Shars Candy Kisses
Owner: Armandson Cartaxo Gomes of Grivy Kennel


Jan-SharsOopsIDidItAgaina.jpg (13740 bytes)
Ch. Jan-Shars Oops I Did It Again
Owned by William Thio, Phillipines


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