All pet dogs are sold on a limited registration which means pet only not for breeding.  Shipping  in USA is $500.00 that includes health papers, shots up to date , and crate.  I do not let puppies go until they are at least 12 weeks old. Shipping is to dangerous for these young pups.  Of course if you want to pick up the puppy, that  is great and pups can go anytime after 9 weeks. I live in South east West Virginia and you are welcome to pick up the puppy.   The pups at 12 weeks are starting to lose there puppy coats ate12 weeks, makes there face look long  and they can look pretty shabby,  you must take that in to  consideration  when you view the pictures.  There hair will grow back. 


Will also sell some show potential pups from this page , they are of course  are fully registered with AKC.  

I do not sell breeding  dogs only pets and show dogs.

Pomeranian Price.  How much are Pomeranians.


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