All pet dogs are sold on a limited registration which means pet only not for breeding.  Shipping  in USA is $500.00 that includes health papers, shots up to date , and crate.  I do not let puppies go until they are at least 12 weeks old. Shipping is to dangerous for these young pups.  Of course if you want to pick up the puppy, that  is great and pups can go anytime after 9 weeks. I live in South east West Virginia and you are welcome to pick up the puppy.   The pups at 12 weeks are starting to lose there puppy coats ate12 weeks, makes there face look long  and they can look pretty shabby,  you must take that in to  consideration  when you view the pictures.  There hair will grow back. 


Will also sell some show potential pups from this page , they are of course  are fully registered with AKC.  

I do not sell breeding  dogs only pets and show dogs.

An appeal to future puppy parents!!

Every Face book group for months has had people looking for puppies and it doesn't stop...!

"Now and immediately it has to be - you have time..."

And then you read more and more posts of people having issues with that puppy like:

9 weeks - not sleeping through

10 weeks - still peeing in the apartment

12 weeks - bites us - we're done... etc, etc...

People - what's wrong with you?

Puppies are cute - no question, but:

Puppies are work.

Puppies are exhausting.

Puppies have to go out every 2-3 hrs.

Puppies need to be comfortable in the new home.

Puppies still have to learn everything.

Puppies don't finish when arriving with you.  That is just the beginning

And then after you finish the puppy phase, then comes the first puberty.

This will be a lot more exhausting - because the small brain is covered with colorful dough and closed due to reconstruction 🤷

Don't forget, the dog is still there when you all want to go back on vacation and when your home office is over.

He wants to grow old with you, be part of your family and live with you.

He can't and doesn't want 10 hrs spent alone in the day.
He does not want to constantly be locked in the box or lying on his blanket.

And that's exactly what so many obviously don't realize.
Dogs are living things. They have needs that want to be met, that takes time, money and patience.

It's definitely worth it, but you have to be aware of it too 😉

Check yourself out before you make the decision to bring a dog into your home.  Make sure that you are ready for the responsibility, make sure that  you have the time money and patience needed to make their lives complete.

A dog life lasts up to 15 years (more or less) ❗️

Seen and copied, edited for clarity, author unknown


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